Last week during WWDC, my friends at Button held a “Selfie Stick Soirée”. A big, raucous party with 1,000 selfie sticks floating around (in honor of Apple banning selfie sticks from the Moscone). So I did what any reasonable person would do and started thinking of folk games one could play with selfie sticks.

The result: Selfie Jousting!

You need two players, each with a selfie stick and a smartphone. Your goal is to take a photo of the back of the other person’s head before they can take one of you. That’s it!

Here we are in action (photo courtesy of Daniel Amitay):


And here was the winning photo, taken by yours truly:


We found it a bit difficult to figure out who actually won, as you don’t want to break the flow of the game after every potential winning shot to judge. A future iteration might involve showing all photos taken on an external display or projector to let the audience serve as judges. Also, selfie sticks (or at least the ones we had) have buttons that are surprisingly difficult to trigger reliably!

That being said, the base activity of running around trying to out-maneuver your opponent with a super-awkwared camera-on-a-stick was fun enough that we didn’t particularly care. If you have two selfie sticks lying around, give it a shot!